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If You Want to Find a Naturalistic Photographer, Look No Further Than Google…

I wasted a lot of time looking through these random images, caught by Google Earth cameras.

View all of the images on Jon Raffman’s website.

Google (Random) Earth - Via Jon Raffman

Google (Random) Earth - Via Jon Raffman


What’s this ‘Wordpress’?

It’s been a long while since I posted on here. Well, the new site is up and gradually being finished, so time to get going again.

An Android’s Memories

For this author, Tomasz Kaluzny’s ambient images of nightscapes are photographic nirvana. I’m not going to attempt any long musings on light, composition or location. Simply visit the Behance Network and let this series wash over you.

I’m Sorry, How Much Snow…?

Reports are edging their way across the Atlantic; reports of Whistler’s highest ever monthly snowfall levels – in November. Whistler is Bootpack’s favourite place to ski and try our hand at the snowy photographic art, so we’re not envious at all…

Weegee: It’s a Crime to Take Photographs This Good…

The Michael Hoppen Gallery in London is exhibiting the works of Weegee until 9th January 2010.

This is an opportunity for all photographic fans in the capital to appreciate the stark work of a photojournalist who was always there. The story goes that Weegee (real name: Arthur Fellig) gained his photo-moniker after being compared to a ouija board: always in the right place, at the right time, to capture crimes moments after they happened. Weegee captured New York during the 1930’s and 1940’s unlike any other photojournalist.

An absolutely seminal photographer from one of the greatest photographic eras of the 20th century.

"Out of the River", February 24, 1942 © Weegee/ International Center of Photography/ Getty Imagescourtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery

Jordan Manley Photography

Twice winner of the Deep Winter Photographic Competition in Whistler, Jordan Manley is probably our favourite ski & snow photographer. Jordan’s photography combines the elemental colours we associate with the mountains – white-outs shot in black & white; silhouettes in the morning sun; deep blues of ice and the sky; blinding yellows of the sunset.

Visit the website for an in-depth look: Jordan Manley Photography

Jordan Manley Photography

Jordan Manley Photography

New Favourite Photographer Part One

Kristopher Grunert: A master of light and lines. Have a look at the website.


Photograph by Kristopher Grunert | Source:

Photograph by Kristopher Grunert | Source:

Photograph by Kristopher Grunert | Source:

Photograph by Kristopher Grunert | Source: