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Gang Life by Robert Yager

Robert Yager’s photographs of L.A. Latino gang life hint at a photographer very comfortable with his technique; a photographer winning the trust of subjects in the most unlikely places. Take a peek at the attached interview for some amazing insights into how these incredible photographs came to be.

Via Koi Koi Koi.

View Robert Yager’s full portfolio here.

Interview with Robert Yager at Altpick.

Gang Life in L.A. © Robert Yager
© Robert Yager

Gang Life in L.A. © Robert Yager
© Robert Yager

Gang Life in L.A. © Robert Yager
© Robert Yager


Favourite (famous) photographer 1: Richard Avedon

Credited by the New York Times with defining America’s image of style, beauty and culture for the last half-century, Richard Avedon’s portfolio of photographs are almost beyond comparison. Photos ranging across the realms of reportage, fashion and portraiture, Avedon’s images are a document of the country that stamped its life and culture all over the 20th century.

Keen photographers and photo anoraks will already be aware, so I won’t continue to bore…have a look at the Richard Avedon Foundation website and marvel.

Bob Dylan, Copyright Richard Avedon
Bob Dylan © Richard Avedon 1963 / 1965

Martin Luther King, Copyright Richard Avedon
Martin Luther Ling, Jr with his father and his son © Richard Avedon 1963